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At-Home Craft – Heart Hunters

An at-home craft project brought to you by Kelly Roe, the Youth Development Coordinator at the Drew Lewis Foundation

What is the Heart Hunter Project?

The Heart Hunter Project started in a small town in Illinois when a mom had the idea of her children putting up paper hearts in their windows for folks walking by to see. Since exercise and neighborhood walks are allowed by the CDC and local government, the woman figured seeing some “love” in the windows of homes would cheer people up during the pandemic.

The movement now has a Facebook group with over 700,000 members! People all over the world are putting hearts on their windows and/or doors for the neighbors to see uniting neighborhoods.

Join The Movement – Make it Yourself!

Using any kind of paper you have – construction paper, magazines, newspaper, scrap paper, etc. – cut out some hearts and then use some scotch tape to attach the artwork to your windows or doors.

Get creative with this! Put the hearts in your favorite pattern, colors, or shapes. Work together with family members to create a masterpiece.

Post Your Results!

The Drew Lewis Foundation wants to see your results! Post your results online and use the hashtag #DLF or #DLFhearthunters, and tag our organization! Feel free to join the Facebook group for heart hunters as well to give credit to the group and see more positivity around the world!

Kelly Roe – Youth Development Coordinator – Drew Lewis Foundation –

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