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February Staff Update

As the month of February winds to a close, we are saddened to announce the departure of Kelly Roe from our staff at the Drew Lewis Foundation. Kelly has been an integral part of our staff for over two years, working with and teaching important life skills to the children of our RISE families as well as interacting with the Drew Lewis Foundation’s community partners to strengthen our programming. Below is Kelly’s statement to the community:

“For over two years, I have had the honor of serving RISE families with the Drew Lewis team as the Youth Development Coordinator. I have loved my time here and can credit so much of my professional and personal growth to the Drew Lewis Foundation.

“I will be starting a new career as a Program Director with the Boys & Girls Club of Springfield. While I am so excited and eager to start this new venture, I can’t help but acknowledge it’ll be hard not being Miss Kelly at the Fairbanks anymore. I spent over two years at DLF and five at the Fairbanks as a whole.

“I will still be a community partner for the Drew Lewis Foundation, and am still more than happy to be an open resource for anything you all need.”

We want to thank Kelly for her hard work and dedication to the Drew Lewis Foundation, and we wish her luck in her future endeavors!

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