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Will Never Be Forgotten.

Unfortunately in 2012 Drew was diagnosed with colon cancer. The word “battle” is so frequently associated with cancer. Drew waged an all-out war. Immediately after his diagnosis, Drew decided to take his journey public, using social media and creating a Facebook page to keep friends informed and to provide information to help others stay healthy. With the tireless support of Amy and an incredible network of supporters, Drew’s story quickly went viral, gaining local, regional, national and even international attention. Drew was determined to live and his passion and purpose lives on in the momentum his cause created manifested in the Drew Lewis Foundation.

About Drew Lewis.

Drew loved the outdoors and was happiest on the water at Table Rock Lake. For Drew the lake was life at its best and meant time spent with family, friends and fun. He loved the hot sunny days and cool evening breezes accompanied by sunsets. Throughout his life Drew was drawn to people and people were drawn to Drew. He was well suited to his chosen field in real estate sales. He was a graduate of the University of Missouri and a highlight of his collegiate experience was serving as social chairman of his fraternity Phi Delta Theta. Drew also loved to cook for his friends and family. He joked it was a skill he acquired in his early years in an attempt to impress girls.

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