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Drew Lewis Foundation

The success of the Drew Lewis Foundation programs has fostered remarkable progress in the resilience and stability of their members. Notably, these successful programs have expanded to other areas in Missouri and Colorado.

Amy Blansit and husband, Drew Lewis, dreamed big and took a leap of faith purchasing the abandoned Fairbanks gradeschool. Although Drew lost his battle with cancer in May 2013, Amy continues to work to achieve their shared vision of community betterment through improving real estate. ​The Drew Lewis Foundation focuses on asset-based urban development to realize a community’s full potential. Residents of a community are inclined to preserve what they love. If a neighborhood’s parks, schools, and homes, are poorly kept, the motivation to preserve them fades away. An asset-based approach revitalizes the community infrastructure, and renews residents’ neighborhood pride. ​

How Our Foundation Started.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Empowering Underserved Communities


Average Increased Monthly Household Income

102+ pt

Average Credit Score Increase

10+ years

Working Within the Local Communities

Remembering Drew Lewis.

Drew loved the outdoors and was happiest on the water at Table Rock Lake. For Drew, the lake was life at its best because it included family, friends and fun. He loved the hot sunny days and cool evening breezes accompanied by sunsets.

Drew Lewis Foundation Fairbanks

Drew Lewis Foundation + Fairbanks Community Hub. 

The Fairbanks now servers as a community hub in the Grant Beach Neighborhood. Many of the resources that families need are often spread across the city, providing a major obstacle.
The Fairbanks Community Hub brings together many of those resources and puts them under one roof. The Fairbanks Community Hub provides access to food, free WiFi, a library in the coffee shop, a market garden, youth services, a bike shop, and various nonprofit headquarters all in the same building.

Histroic Fairbanks

Historic Fairbanks. 

The Fairbanks was built in 1906 as a public school. It has had several additions since it opened its doors over a century ago. The Fairbanks began as a eight-room brick schoolhouse with indoor plumbing. Over the years, a cafeteria, gymnasium, two additional classrooms and a library were added. Fairbanks Elementary served Grant Beach Neighborhood area students for 100 years. Today, it continues to serve the community with cradle to career services.

Closure of the Fairbanks.

In 2007 the school closed after 100 years of service to our community. The attending students were routed to other area schools and the buildings quickly deteriorated and suffered vandalism. With new ownership in 2013, the buildings were restored and leased to community betterment initiatives.

Fairbanks Closure

Meet a Special Advocate for Our Community -

Dr. Amy Blansit. 

Amy Blansit

Founder and CEO

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Holly Melton

Director of Development

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Meghan Storey

Director of RISE

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Jessica Smith

Director of RISE Expansion

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Meet The Team

Larra Alford

Personal Development Coach

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Monica Swadley

Personal Development Coach

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Zack Wilson

Media and Youth Coordinator

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Chris Wilson

BHP Site Supervisor

(Blue House Project)

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Luke Job

BHP Construction Worker

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Ashlyn Kintner

Accounting Manager

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Zara Rethman

Marketing Coordinator

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Jonathan "Griffin" Long

Consultant: IT and Special Projects

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