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The Drew Lewis Foundation (DLF) started piloting the RISE (Reaching Independence through Support and Education) program in 2016. As the program developed and the impact became apparent at the Fairbanks Community Hub, the DLF team knew the program could grow and affect additional communities. The focus started in rural areas in Southwest Missouri, with the first Expansion location in Aurora. There are now more than ten active RISE locations in Missouri and Colorado, and it is quickly continuing to expand.


Springfield Dream Center

 Patricia Deck

Phone: (417) 720-1065

Direct: (417) 605-3862


Salem, MO

Lacey Walker

Phone: (573) 729-8163


Aurora, MO

Marsha Egan

Phone: (417) 229-2094


Facebook: Project RISE Aurora

Monett, MO

Monett RISE


Facebook: Project RISE Monett

Neosho, MO

Lana Henry

Phone: (417) 592-2548



Jordana Vera


Cape Girardeau, MO

Barb Davis


American Indian Center - Springfield, MO

Valerie Falcon

Phone: (417) 599-9061

Looking for a RISE location near you?
Maybe one of these locations would be a fit!

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Bring RISE to Your Community

Do you notice a need in your community for people that are merely surviving and need the support and resources to begin to thrive? The RISE model addresses root issues keeping people living paycheck to paycheck and works toward developing strategies to overcome these challenges and sustain long-term change. The program empowers people and offers support as they strive to flourish. The RISE model hinges on long-term programmatic involvement (1+ year(s) working with members), considering the unique situations and needs each person is experiencing, and encouraging participants to choose their own goals and paths toward success. Over 60 weeks of curriculum has been developed with supplementary content for trainers and facilitators.

Implementing RISE in your community is possible! Gathering community support, getting your team trained in RISE, and recruiting participants are the basics of getting started. Let the Drew Lewis Foundation RISE Expansion staff know if you are ready to explore this opportunity.

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