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Meet Jonathan "Griffin" Long.

Griffin oversees information technology at the Drew Lewis Foundation. He owns his own business, Nomadic Consulting LLC, where he focuses on the integration between nonprofits and technology. He received his undergraduate degree from Drury University in international political studies with a focus on the Middle East. Then he obtained a master’s degree in nGriffin is a seasoned information technology professional who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as IT lead at the Drew Lewis Foundation. In addition to his work at the foundation, Griffin is the owner of Nomadic Consulting LLC, where he specializes in helping nonprofits leverage technology to achieve their missions. Griffin's passion for international political studies and the Middle East led him to pursue an undergraduate degree in the field from Drury University. He later obtained a master's degree in nonprofit and civic leadership, with a certificate in cybersecurity leadership, from the same institution. Currently, Griffin is pursuing a doctorate in public administration, building on his already impressive credentials and deepening his expertise in the field.onprofit and civic leadership with a certificate in cybersecurity leadership, also from Drury. Currently, he is working on a doctorate in public administration.

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