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Day of Caring 2022

Day of Caring 2022 was a HUGE success!

Paddio employees laying down new rubber mulch in the Fairbanks playground as part of Day of Caring 2022

Bringing a community together is one of the biggest ways that you can create long-term change. That is one of the many reasons why community events like Day of Caring, put on by the nonprofit organization United Way, are so important. Day of Caring is an annual community-wide effort that offers project-focused volunteer services by pairing organizations and businesses with nonprofit and public organizations.

Because of the support we received during Day of Caring 2022, we were able to improve the safety of our playground at the Fairbanks, upgrade the landscaping across the premises, cleared out areas in two of our Blue House Project homes currently under renovation, ensured the inside AND outside of the Fairbanks remains welcoming and inviting, and so much more!

We would like to thank United Way of the Ozarks for making such an incredible impact for 30 years with Day of Caring, Paddio for devoting so much of their day to make a positive change in the community, and to Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast for helping to fund the rubber mulch that will ensure that our playground will remain a safe haven for children to enjoy all year long!

Always remember to #LiveUnited!

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