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Making the World Better, Together

Updated: Apr 10

DLF staff pictured with our community partners from Arvest Bank

In the nonprofit world, we devote ourselves to public service and helping those in need. However, no one person, and not even any one organization, can do it alone.

Try as any organization might, the problems that society faces are just too much for any one organization to handle. This is why banding together and teamwork is ESSENTIAL to providing lasting change in our world.

DLF staff with volunteers from Paddio during United Way’s annual event: Day of Caring

When an organization is first starting out, making connections and building relationships can be tricky, if not downright intimidating. Large networking events can be overwhelming to many, and others may think they have nothing to offer in a partnership, and never try to form any in the first place.

Luckily, the nonprofit sector is unique in the fact that it is packed to the brim with individuals who work not for personal gratification, but because they feel passionate and duty-bound to do what they can to improve the world. Even if it is something as simple as employees from one organization volunteering their time for another, such relationships are critical to the continuation of all of our callings.

Representatives from Simmons Bank awarding DLF with a grant funding our children’s programming

That is not to say that for-profits and nonprofits cannot have a productive and prosperous partnership. There are many for-profit organizations that pride themselves in their community outreach and service, and who do so not just to give their company more positive public relations. Many see the need their community has and realize that they have the means to make a difference. 

Making an impact in your community can take many forms–from colossal projects like addressing the lack of affordable housing, to much smaller yet still important projects like rolling up your sleeves and cleaning up trash and other refuse outside. Seeing that you are doing your part for your community inspires others to do the same and makes their desire to help you or your organization’s mission all the more stronger.

Staff from our Blue House Project crew working with employees from American Products

Changing the world for the better takes more than just a desire to do good. It requires resources, skills, and most importantly–teamwork. Forming relationships with other organizations and accomplished individuals may seem intimidating at first, but just like many skills, it is one that becomes easier the more you work at it. As your circle of influence and your organization’s accomplishments grow, so will the number of those who want to work together with you.

Always remember that one of our goals should always be to make the world better than how we found it!

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