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A Little Blue House and a Beacon of Hope

Updated: Apr 16

What started out as one house became many, and the impact it has had on northern Springfield is extraordinary.


The Blue House Project began two-and-a-half years ago when DLF founder Amy Blansit met with Tom Carlson about HUD housing and renovating houses in the Grant Beach neighborhood. At the time there had been a blue house for sale on a block by the Fairbanks for over a year, with the owner refusing to sell it to a landlord. With many landlords taking advantage of tenants in northern Springfield by renting out very unsafe housing to families that could not afford anything else, the owner did not want to see their house further the cycle of poverty in this way because they cared about the neighborhood.

Amy met with the owner and, after she had shared her vision, the owner agreed to sell. That blue house became the foundation (and namesake) for the Blue House Project. 

The goal of the Blue House Project is to give low-income families in northern Springfield a chance at safe and affordable housing. The Drew Lewis Foundation purchases and renovates old houses in the community with the intent of leasing them to members of our RISE program, who will eventually be given the option to own the home. This unique path to homeownership helps break the cycle of poverty one property at a time, as the family can learn and grow healthy and sustainable living habits without worrying about the roof over their heads.

Thanks to the support of OakStar Bank, the City of Springfield, and countless other community partners, a family’s dream of owning a quality home can become a reality. For more information on the Blue House Project or how you can get involved, please feel free to email the Drew Lewis Foundation at or call (417) 200-2223.

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