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Ask the Staff: Meghan

Updated: Apr 16

Another “Ask the Staff” blog post! This time, we check in with Meghan.

So what do you do at the Drew Lewis Foundation?

I am a Personal Development Manager. I work with families on goal setting, budgeting, and resource referrals. I walk families hand-in-hand through the first 16 weeks of our initial programming and then provide additional advising as needed. I love to see the families we work with empowered to take on whatever may come!

What brought you to the Drew Lewis Foundation? Why did you choose nonprofit work?

I have always been passionate about working with disadvantaged or misunderstood populations. During my undergraduate time at MSU, I was looking to get experience in the community. My advisor connected me with the DLF and I never left. I started cleaning dishes at the community dinners and slowly got to know the families and the challenges facing them. After graduating, I took a position as a GA with DLF and was eventually hired on full-time. I found a new home in my community working here.

What is your favorite part about DLF?

The people. Both my coworkers and the families we work with motivate me to give my all every day.

What are you reading? This could be books, audiobooks, favorite news sites, etc.

The Art of Raising a Puppy. I am the proud mom of a new puppy and am taking every opportunity to prepare myself!

What are you watching? This could be shows, movies, YouTube videos/series, TikToks, the paint drying on your favorite wall, etc.

I am a documentary junkie; however, I also enjoy a splash of reality TV drama (“Real Housewives of Atlanta”).

What are you eating? This could be favorite meals to cook, favorite snacks, etc.

Garlic Parmesan green beans!!!

What are you drinking? What do you you enjoy sipping on during/after a long day of changing lives?

I am a Dr. Thunder enthusiast. You can find me sipping on one any time, anywhere.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Two of my long-term goals include continuing to make an impact in my community and traveling out of the country!

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